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02 August, 2015

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Charles Webster MD on Twitter
Now I've seen everything. Guy surfs on a #dirtbike, awesome video! http://wnep.com/2015/08/02/incredible-video-of-stunt-rider-surfing-waves-on-a-dirt-bike/ #surfing #motocross http://t.co/QJHlr9NHIE
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Chris Dixon on Twitter
"The smartphone supply chain is replacing the PC supply chain as key driver of tech industry" http://ben-evans.com/benedictevans/2015/5/13/the-smartphone-and-the-sun http://t.co/eQJJtSPB7Q
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Randall G. Arnold on Twitter
.@counternotions @veskuh I worked in an open office for a year. Best work environment I've ever had.
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William Gibson on Twitter
Ukraine: an unexpected focal-point for cyber-goth accessories: https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/177930807/black-cyber-mask-cyber-goth-respirator?ref=market
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mau barton on Twitter
rt if you'd watch the black widow movie, im trying to prove a point to @marvel http://t.co/oK1dB9TwQt
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Big Ben on Twitter
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hepcat on Twitter
@gillyarcht Raccoons a close second, but this pic and tweet were the best all day: v @phil500: ?Pigeons in Ecuador http://t.co/bnfy1AgdFD??
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William Gibson on Twitter
Three Chechen women catfish ISIS for $3300 http://www.examiner.com/article/how-three-enterprising-chechen-ladies-took-isis-for-3-300 via @martin_fff
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qole on Twitter
@GreatDismal the moon was a hazy wildfire orange..
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William McBee on Twitter
It's not normal to check your devices, all of them, for updates every 4 hours is it?
8:37 PM
William Gibson on Twitter
Mrs GD captures moonrise over Orcas Island, last night http://t.co/dF27v2yrVC
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Georgy Kishtoo on Twitter
Vancouver welcome. In Nanaimo tonight and on the island for the next two days http://t.co/9X0Swq5259
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William McBee on Twitter
Worked a bit backwards today. Sketched in Photoshop, finished up in Sketch, went straight to FramerJS Studio.
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Mark Guim on Twitter
Sony A7rII Review: "Sell ur current camera and buy the new Sony A7rII" https://www.cinema5d.com/sony-a7rii-review-first-impressions-footage/
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Samuel Johnson on Twitter
Behold! Sir Gawain And The Green Knight, retold for lowly MILLENNIALS http://the-toast.net/2015/06/03/sir-gawain-and-the-green-knight/ via @TheToast
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SteX on Twitter
Girls Catfish ISIS On Social Media For Travel Money http://ift.tt/1DlZQcZ
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Big Ben on Twitter
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Randall G. Arnold on Twitter
how I feel on Friday https://twitter.com/sayjaffe/status/628036424831401986
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SteX on Twitter
?Zoolander 2? trailer features, wait, Stephen Hawking? http://dlvr.it/BkCkc7
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Rabbit KM on Twitter
None of this paranoia about disability fakers is actually about helping Legitimately Disabled? people. Stop pretending you're helping us.
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SteX on Twitter
Come talk about Motorola's latest phones in the Android Central Forums! http://ift.tt/1IFiT2y
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William McBee on Twitter
#RondaRousey going #SuperSaiyan - http://j.mp/1OYCJH5
7:19 PM
Celeste Ng on Twitter
Unexpected #SundaySentence number 2 from this article on searching for extraterrestrial life. http://time.com/3969236/a-100-million-quest-to-make-contact-with-e-t-maybe/ http://t.co/rrevFYL0dz
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James Gleick on Twitter
?As we all know, any kind of speech costs money in this country.? Carly Fiorina explains the First Amendment. http://www.nytimes.com/2015/08/03/us/politics/donald-trump-attacks-as-republican-rivals-court-donors-at-koch-retreat.html
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Jacob Brooks on Twitter
@Ethan_Booker @doctorow American cheese and no onions? Is this guy five years old? Also, cutting in line at lunch is scummy.
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GenXFiles on Twitter
'I, Robot' by @doctorow flips a switch! #free #book #download via @GenXMedia for #SciFiSunday http://genxpose.blogspot.com/2015/02/doctorows-i-robot-flips-switch.html http://t.co/hsaGxFHz75
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Big Ben on Twitter
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Ed Piskor on Twitter
Caught a storm trooper off the clock. #starwars #arcade http://t.co/4is8tmdtgP
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Miguel de Icaza on Twitter
If you read one article this year, make it this one. The history of an NSA backdoor in public use: http://eprint.iacr.org/2015/767.pdf
6:23 PM
The Basilissa on Twitter
Notice: now live tweeting being the ruler of Lotharingia in the year 975 from @TheQueenInGlory
6:09 PM
Big Ben on Twitter
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Randall G. Arnold on Twitter
well, yeah, if "our people" commit crimes it's okay https://twitter.com/BudKennedy/status/628006378066456576
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Rob Gokee on Twitter
Also, you can hear the score from this dark, swirly, delicious film on my site! http://robgokee.com/album/daddy/ https://twitter.com/robgokee/status/627968210747265025
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Randall G. Arnold on Twitter
what are the odds that my dog would keep stepping on the toe that got crushed by a ladder earlier?
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Ryan Paul on Twitter
Packing up my legion of desk minions: http://t.co/tnAxUAAwtU
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SteX on Twitter
Weekly poll results: Motorola did it better http://ift.tt/1KKFddb
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Thomas Shahan on Twitter
Game idea: You are Maratus speciosus... dance the fine line between successful courtship and death... #pixelart http://t.co/yU4yK6jSzl
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Marcus Wikström on Twitter
That's what Adam Sandler does to you. .. RT @jonrowlandson: Pac Man is in a bad place these days. http://t.co/A0mlCi38YH
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SteX on Twitter
Unicode Consortium Looks At Symbols For Allergies http://ift.tt/1fXKKQk
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Big Ben on Twitter
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SteX on Twitter
Best Android gadgets of the week: Moto Surround, Amazon Dash Button, and more! http://ift.tt/1OYmqKa
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Mark Guim on Twitter
Sunset in Newport https://instagram.com/p/55mvtsEbWW/
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WIRED on Twitter
WIRED and @nokia are hosting a reddit AMA with Stephen Hawking! He's taking questions at http://wrd.cm/1DbwqOR until 8/4. #MakeTechHuman
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Marcus Wikström on Twitter
@zehjotkah neither me nor @bibliotech wrote the article.
4:33 PM
Meg Mittelstedt on Twitter
Thanks @CapilanoU Reckies for the fantastic trail! #murrin #Squamish #thisiswhereweplay http://t.co/NDSNGA1CcI
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Mark Guim on Twitter
Just posted a photo @ Mooring Restaurant https://instagram.com/p/55jK_AkbfO/
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SteX on Twitter
Research Scientists To Use Network Much Faster Than Internet http://ift.tt/1E3BAr8
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SteX on Twitter
From the New Guy's Desk: inside baseball and the OnePlus Two http://ift.tt/1JZZVAm
4:12 PM
The Basilissa on Twitter
What, in that dress? http://t.co/NUMJJjqEtX
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Big Ben on Twitter
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