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29 August, 2014

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Big Ben on Twitter
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Benedict Evans on Twitter
I think this is the definitive tablet use share chart http://t.co/FevsAvVf1z
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Jay Carter on Twitter
<Robotortoise> Anyone been able to view SM3DL's models yet? <Robotortoise> I wanna find out what this "Poo" and "Poohole" enemies are
10:23 PM
Melissa ? ??????? ? on Twitter
.@FioraAeterna this furthers my suspicions that m is Default Gender in twitter analytics
10:16 PM
Tim Samoff on Twitter
The scene from our living room at 10:15 PM. http://t.co/3iIycClY1b
10:15 PM
Fiora??anreteA on Twitter
AHAHAHA TWITTER THINKS I'M A BOY confirmed that Twitter's gender indicators are completely and utterly useless http://t.co/d0Y1bPmnj0
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Big Ben on Twitter
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SteP on Twitter
Google Introduces HTML 5.1 Tag To Chrome http://ift.tt/1wQJllm
9:37 PM
WebOS Internals on Twitter
Have been in contact with new owner of http://preware.org domain - it is not a hostile take-over, just someone who wanted that name.
9:16 PM
WebOS Internals on Twitter
New Preware release at http://ipkg.preware.net/feeds/webos-internals/armv7/org.webosinternals.preware_1.9.13_arm.ipk will update feeds to http://ipkg.preware.net automatically.
9:15 PM
Tuomo Tanskanen on Twitter
@segphault @disconnectme I agree, mobile browsing presents diff net than desktop. Try F-Secure Freedome, you get the same with VPN on top.
9:13 PM
Big Ben on Twitter
9:00 PM
Melissa ? ??????? ? on Twitter
.@Y3W_TREE yay I collected the ?rare? iOS crash achievement !
8:45 PM
Ryan Paul on Twitter
The best thing about NFC coming to the iPhone is that now the Apple faithful can finally stop pretending that it isn?t an awesome feature.
8:43 PM
Science Porn on Twitter
Each of the dots in this image is an entire galaxy containing billions of stars . http://t.co/FJUEMbFi6S
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Sandra Barron on Twitter
GAAAAH! RT @camcavers: Japanese convenience store egg tech: ?@daisoku_new: ???????http://matome.naver.jp/odai/2134245612236872701 ? http://t.co/hpqyi17xtC?
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Melissa ? ??????? ? on Twitter
Uhh. My iPad just bluescreened when I tapped a link to buzzfeed. LITERALLY. BLUE. SCREENED. It filled the screenbuffer with blue & rebooted
8:39 PM
Dezeen on Twitter
Moleskine Livescribe Notebooks transfer ideas from paper to screen: http://www.dezeen.com/2014/08/28/moleskine-livescribe-smartpen-notebooks-paper-to-screen/ #design http://t.co/i8VVqy5iLv
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AlkiSurfShop on Twitter
Fabulous Fish Photobomb Of The Day http://www.thepoke.co.uk/2014/08/25/fabulous-fish-photobomb-of-the-day/ http://t.co/9aDiC5n67n RT @ThePoke @Nigel_95 @gardencatlady
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Cliff Pickover on Twitter
Magnificent cross-section of an undersea cable. $400/foot. (photo: Ann Lingard) http://t.co/QYgfekuTCp
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Steven Strogatz on Twitter
Ever heard of a "Faraday cage"? Amazingly, the math behind it was not understood... till now https://people.maths.ox.ac.uk/trefethen/chapman_hewett_trefethen.pdf
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Adobe Lightroom on Twitter
Check out Pierre Folk's shots of this Parisian railway, abandoned for the last 80 years: http://bit.ly/1rqKJZw http://t.co/0dM9RIwXpj
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Katelyn Gadd on Twitter
Oh cool, they fixed twitter analytics for my account. Mostly what I expected... http://t.co/cbbU1II9XV
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Richard Kadrey on Twitter
If I cosplay Princess Leia at Dragoncon I'm a hero, but if I do it at the pharmacy they won't give me my pills. Damn you, big pharma.
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Big Ben on Twitter
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Scott Hanselman on Twitter
6 year old: "I need a FitBit." Me: "Why?" 6: "I keep losing track of my steps. Yesterday I counted 26 steps. I'm sure it's more."
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William McBee on Twitter
I JUST got used to supporting @2X graphics for Retina Display. Now, I have to support @3X? Man, I give up - http://j.mp/1n6F03X
7:33 PM
Popehat on Twitter
Putin advisor calls for genocide against "race of bastards," meaning 75% of Ukraine. Via @kinseyholley. http://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/anne-applebaum-war-in-europe-is-not-a-hysterical-idea/2014/08/29/815f29d4-2f93-11e4-bb9b-997ae96fad33_story.html
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ess bee on Twitter
I'm the avocado of people. While you wait and wait for me to mature enough to be enjoyable, I sneakily transition into a disgusting mess.
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SteP on Twitter
Anti-Ebola Drug ZMapp Makes Clean Sweep: 18 of 18 Monkeys Survive Infection http://ift.tt/1n6wCkY
7:07 PM
Joel Stransky on Twitter
YUI is dead. http://yahooeng.tumblr.com/post/96098168666/important-announcement-regarding-yui
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Big Ben on Twitter
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Simon La Rose on Twitter
Road tripping. Long weekend in the bush. http://t.co/e26XH0KRrA
6:55 PM
Chaucer Doth Tweet on Twitter
A boke ys a flower that doth bloome for four thousand yeares.
6:55 PM
Brian Moore on Twitter
Currently listening to the Sergio Mendes version. http://rd.io/x/QQc0mjddDqRw/
6:10 PM
Brian Moore on Twitter
How many jazz classics did Pannonica de Koenigswarter inspire? ("Pannonica", "Nica's Dream" ...)
6:09 PM
Big Ben on Twitter
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William McBee on Twitter
Sad to hear about Milton Olin, Jr., ex-Napster exec struck & killed by LAPD. Sadder to realize that the police are above the law everywhere.
5:59 PM
StrikeDebt on Twitter
Remember Hope & Change from 2008? Obama Administration 2 Reward Student Loan Company Accused Of Cheating Troops http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/08/29/obama-navient-student-loans_n_5736570.html
5:57 PM
Ryan Paul on Twitter
Also, it?s incredible that Google blocks @disconnectme on Android while Apple allows it on iOS. Google?s definition of ?open? strikes again.
5:56 PM
Melissa ? ??????? ? on Twitter
anyway I think I fixed my mysterious game audio vs microphone audio issues
5:54 PM
Jay Carter on Twitter
5:53 PM
Jay Carter on Twitter
Random on the bus gets upset because she thinks I'm gawking at her. Random on the bus gets upset because she sees I'm not gawking at her.
5:53 PM
Ryan Paul on Twitter
The features provided by @disconnectme *should* be built into every browser. Incredibly disappointing to see Google block their Android app.
5:50 PM
Andreas Proschofsky on Twitter
Banning disconnect.me from the Play Store? Not ok, Google. Not ok at all. #privacy https://blog.disconnect.me/google-just-banned-our-new-android-app-before-it-even-launched-another-example-of-why-privacy-friendly-alternatives-for-android-app-distribution-are-critically-important
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Melissa ? ??????? ? on Twitter
It's amazing how the nvidia bloatware says my card doesn't support shadowplay but if I use a third party tool it works ~ just fine ~
5:44 PM
Patricia Lockwood on Twitter
This splash page will haunt literature for all time http://t.co/G7NWxxTjDl
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SteP on Twitter
Star Apps: Nervo http://dlvr.it/6m4nJH
5:39 PM
SC on Twitter
How much higher can the threat level go? The world's already full of people. How can it get worse?
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Matt Pearce on Twitter
Change really is possible. Between 2001 to 2011, 78 people were killed in an LA housing project. Since then? Zero. http://homicide.latimes.com/post/jordan-downs-watts-three-years-without-homicide/
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