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27 November, 2015

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Antonio Vassallo on Twitter
@vitogiannini90 @sig_cuorenero @debexpert @b4d_tR1p @fravaccaro @marcobonezzi @nico_nuggets @Nicuz95 #BlackFriday Tocchiamoci le balle!!!
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GiuliettaSW on Twitter
Support #jolla on #intex - subscribe here: http://intex.in/intex-sailfish-os/ #SailfishOS #unlike
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Vito on Twitter
@sig_cuorenero @debexpert @AntoVass @b4d_tR1p @fravaccaro @marcobonezzi @nico_nuggets @Nicuz95 #FF sveglia.tar.gz
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Markus Persson on Twitter
I got some helpful advice on how to prevent this. Thank you! RTed a link. I have zero respect for anyone telling me I should just upgrade.
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Raspberry Pi on Twitter
Haven?t been able to get hold of a MagPi 40 with a free #PiZero? Don?t despair! https://www.raspberrypi.org/magpi/how-to-get-magpi-40/ https://t.co/6eeeidDSyo
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Big Ben on Twitter
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Zack Dark on Twitter
@notch http://winsupersite.com/windows-10/prevent-windows-10-upgrade-installing-after-making-your-reservation
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Markus Persson on Twitter
Because they're forcing me to, and I want to have a choice. https://twitter.com/SeeedFan/status/670191345525497856
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Markus Persson on Twitter
Maximum future date I can set is like five days from now. If I kill the process, it immediately pops back up.
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Markus Persson on Twitter
There's no cancel button, and the window is unclosable.
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Markus Persson on Twitter
Win 7 just popped up a window AS I WAS TYPING, asking me if I wanted to upgrade to 10, captured the space bar, aaand https://t.co/yKrBSlyUY6
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Puppet Labs on Twitter
Mark your calendars for #puppethack on December 15th - our online community hack day: http://bit.ly/1MGZb4V
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SteX on Twitter
UK Prisons To Crack Down On Inmate Internet and Mobile Phone Use http://ift.tt/1NSbxY7
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Markus Persson on Twitter
Oh no, I'm not falling for this again. https://twitter.com/JATRAP/status/670184751169454080
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Markus Persson on Twitter
Play these games! https://twitter.com/AlmostHumanLtd/status/670181272430452736
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William Gibson on Twitter
Carport Spaces: 0 http://www.harrynorman.com/property-detail/1515791/Address-Undisclosed
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Big Ben on Twitter
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Jonty Wareing on Twitter
Amazingly, actual traffic jams occur in multiplayer Euro Truck Simulator. Every vehicle is a real person. http://t.co/HG9vo6O1VT
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Petri Alanko on Twitter
As an avid fan of smooth UX and customer support, this is cool. Nice. Immediate media enables immediate service. https://twitter.com/mikko/status/669901609300832256
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Jolla on Twitter
Thanks @Kyuu9sha for helping! https://twitter.com/Kyuu9sha/status/669847551445704704
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Jolla on Twitter
Thanks Andrew for being there! https://twitter.com/Squidmata/status/669823714838650880
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SteX on Twitter
.@sig_cuorenero @AntoVass @b4d_tR1p @fravaccaro @marcobonezzi @nico_nuggets @Nicuz95 @vitogiannini90 #FollowBlack
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Franco Sottobosco on Twitter
@debexpert @AntoVass @b4d_tR1p @fravaccaro @marcobonezzi @nico_nuggets @Nicuz95 @vitogiannini90 blackfriday gente, sveglia! #ff
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Kyle Hill on Twitter
So just add some crosses and it breaks my brain. Great job brain. http://i.imgur.com/OiM3Jop.gifv https://t.co/iv24SsZyyh
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Mikko Lampi on Twitter
Is this real? A #cyberpunk like city. Just awesome photos. https://medium.com/@damjancvetkovdimitrov/these-photos-are-why-i-m-trapped-in-tokyo-forever-now-1a0ea980bcc5
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Big Ben on Twitter
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Aki Palomäki on Twitter
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Cory Doctorow on Twitter
rfid cattle tag #flickr https://flic.kr/p/Avva7s
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Meredith Yayanos on Twitter
Holocaust Survivor Bankrolls Rescue of 2,000 ISIS Victims http://jd.fo/c8ML9
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Dr Nafeez Ahmed on Twitter
Lol https://twitter.com/netizenrights/status/670140027540783104
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Huey Newton on Twitter
Why are white people scared about becoming a minority in the 2040's? Are minorities treated badly in America or something?
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GreatFire.org on Twitter
Chinese Feminist Activist Li Tingting Is Pretty Much The Definition Of Badass http://bsl.io/VLR via @bustle
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M-Files Suomi on Twitter
Vielä ehtii hakea! Software Engineer / Customer Support (Tampere) http://ow.ly/V82hf Hae 30.11. mennessä. #rekry #työpaikat
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Ken MacLeod on Twitter
In defence of Jeremy Corbyn http://bit.ly/1N7DM44
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JanWillemSanders on Twitter
@stskeeps @jukkaeklund if you now Sailors looking for a job, let them contact me throug DM!
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Lauren Beukes on Twitter
You can print out your own @bookdash kids books for free here - http://bookdash.org/see/books/ Take em down to your local creche or school
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Big Ben on Twitter
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StrikeDebt on Twitter
US credit union regulator crushed Internet Archive's non-predatory, game-changing bank http://boingboing.net/2015/11/25/us-credit-union-regulator-has.html
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The Guardian on Twitter
Theresa May accused of rushing surveillance bill through back door http://trib.al/9HFxCxc
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Markus Persson on Twitter
Actually, that's a good question. What does happen when I call someone out? FOR SCIENCE! https://twitter.com/daisy20071/status/670148722425266176
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Owen Blacker on Twitter
Ah, who can forget the "does anyone want this?" post, already a year ago (?!) https://instagram.com/p/-lKLg2p-A9/ https://t.co/cc9h6CvhpV
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Henry Tudor on Twitter
Today: - appear grave - declare things - make thoughtful noises - stride purposefully - light Spanish envoy's codpiece on fire - soup
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David Allen Green on Twitter
Something Must Be Done, and bombing Syria ("air strikes") is something which can be done, and so bombing Syria is what will be done.
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Markus Persson on Twitter
Holy Krampus, calm down on the kid that asked that question! It was a funny (and confusing) question, no need to be dicks about it. *frown*
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Matthew Rimmer on Twitter
#Sunday #Sydney - You can #actonclimate at the #PeoplesClimate March, and then #FreetheInternet with @Doctorow. https://t.co/PdpOPO7uPH
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350 dot org on Twitter
And the Melbourne #PeoplesClimate March is away! Being lead by amazing young Indigenous people from @SeedMob https://t.co/zCCJ6fqzmq
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Oxblood Ruffin 3.0 on Twitter
Glenn Greenwald: Why the CIA is smearing Edward #Snowden after the Paris attacks http://www.latimes.com/opinion/op-ed/la-oe-1126-greenwald-snowden-paris-encryption-20151126-story.html
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