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02 September, 2014

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Cory Doctorow on Twitter
Photo: Ghostbusters car, Penguicon, Southfield, Detroit, MI, USA on Flickr. http://tmblr.co/ZUhJRs1Pqd7j4
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SteP on Twitter
Case Mate Naked Tough Case for the Samsung Galaxy S5 http://ift.tt/1x5c7Pb
4:28 AM
Tuomo Tanskanen on Twitter
Crank 2 must be most fscked up movie I've watched for a long while. Oh why Jason, why?
4:21 AM
SteP on Twitter
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 - in Russia previsto un prezzo di 700 euro http://ift.tt/1rcbXke
4:12 AM
SteP on Twitter
In crescita l'utilizzo dei tablet in ambito aziendale secondo Frost & Sullivan http://ift.tt/1rcbXRw
4:12 AM
Henry Tudor on Twitter
Sod it. Feeling merciful. Breathe deep. Burn a Papist. The mood should pass.
4:10 AM
Niel on Twitter
@Wiko_Germany @debexpert Still need the stock Firmware for the Fizz, also from France website, which doesnt have Fizz at all //CC @WikoFR
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Carsten Munk on Twitter
I love hetzner.de.
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Big Ben on Twitter
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Simonas Leleiva on Twitter
Linux Action Show Live teaser of Sailfish OS on Nexus 5! 14m35s: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9Y8nxnRLIk#t=875 @ChrisLAS @jupiterserver Every week with live chat!
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Johanna Eiramo on Twitter
Still a couple of days to see the fabulous @ToveJansson100 @AteneumMuseum in Helsinki. She's off to Japan next week http://t.co/Bgoy59xLcA
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Enhörningen on Twitter
Programmet för Fantastik 2014 publicerad! Hedersgäst @turtschaninoff. Välkommen till Åbo stadsbibliotek 21.9.2014! http://fantastikfi.wordpress.com/2014-2/programmet/
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Cim on Twitter
http://ow.ly/i/6Kjn9 DESTROY THE PATRIARCHY graffiti in Finnish at Caribia
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SteP on Twitter
Una cover con tastiera QWERTY per il nuovo tablet HTC della gamma Nexus http://ift.tt/1rbZE7x
3:47 AM
Javier on Twitter
Why do I get the nearly-useless WAP/dumbphone interface of Gmail using the Sailfish browser?
3:38 AM
Cory Doctorow on Twitter
Fourth stupidest tweet of the day: https://twitter.com/lakembra/status/506751957319446528
3:37 AM
Janos on Twitter
@SPARSE_TEAL @doctorow @femfreq Don't you know that since she said in one lecture she's not a gamer, all her points are incorrect ;) Sigh.
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Felix on Twitter
@doctorow I have yet to see an honest and sincere critic of @femfreq's work. So far only whining.
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SteP on Twitter
Install Pandora FMS Server On CentOS 7 http://dlvr.it/6ncM4x
3:24 AM
Femme Malheureuse on Twitter
.@doctorow No wonder we have so many particularly ineffectual elected officials in office. Because shut up and play. *smdh*
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Cory Doctorow on Twitter
Photo: German edition of Pirate Cinema, the office, London, UK on Flickr. http://tmblr.co/ZUhJRs1PqSNPl
3:20 AM
SteP on Twitter
Sony Xperia E3 - domani l'annuncio di un economico smartphone http://ift.tt/1urAfX3
3:14 AM
David Goldfarb on Twitter
@doctorow I think I need to invent a drinking game for this except I'd be dead of alcohol poisoning in a half hour.
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Paul Engelhard on Twitter
@doctorow it's like gamers want their medium to be meaningless and shallow.
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Chris Dymond on Twitter
.@doctorow's going to be in Sheff next month, y'all..! "Cory Doctorow: Information Doesn't Want to Be Free - http://bit.ly/1lvODhf"
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Peter Hollo on Twitter
@doctorow I didn't entirely comprehend the gamer butthurt until I saw the @BoingBoing comments thread. White manchildren have it hard :'(
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Cory Doctorow on Twitter
Third stupidest tweet of the day https://twitter.com/Pjotuts/status/506735822138515456
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Big Ben on Twitter
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StrikeDebt on Twitter
After working tirelessly for the 1% in congress Eric Cantor spins revolving door to Wall St http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/09/02/eric-cantor-new-job_n_5750240.html
2:56 AM
leinir on Twitter
@faenil the term is followspam - unsolicited follow directly aimed at getting a followback, with no intention of ever looking at your tweets
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Cory Doctorow on Twitter
Photo: For committing acts of TORorism http://tmblr.co/ZUhJRs1PqNLJm
2:44 AM
Johan Jarl on Twitter
By the way: Whoever had the passwords to the celebrities iClouds could have used the same passwords to wipe their iPhones, iPads and Macs.
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Andrea Bernabei on Twitter
@stskeeps thanks, I've always reported them, but wasn't sure if I was being too bad of a guy :D
2:33 AM
Carsten Munk on Twitter
@faenil it's a loosing battle but generally it's good for the ecosystem to report as a human is immensely better than a automatic filter..
2:31 AM
Andrea Bernabei on Twitter
What do you do with those fake accounts that follow you just hoping you'll follow back? Do you just block them or report for spam as well?
2:30 AM
SteP on Twitter
Researchers Say Neanderthals Created Cave Art http://ift.tt/1w2aiym
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SteP on Twitter
Samsung Gear S - ecco il bracciale della Swarovski for Samsung Collection http://ift.tt/1x4IXQg
2:10 AM
Big Ben on Twitter
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Tuomo Tanskanen on Twitter
One side of my brain likes with the #btrfs volume OS lego-brick thing, yet other side keeps alerting me of the inevitable mess it will make.
1:59 AM
Damian Dinning on Twitter
Testimony to the low light/noise capability of the #1020. (Twitter, may screw this up) stars very bright last night. http://t.co/5gUz4TsOSN
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Tuomo Tanskanen on Twitter
I have hard time figuring if I like #systemd stuff or not. In a sense what they do makes sense, but in a sense they are just delusional.
1:57 AM
Tuomo Tanskanen on Twitter
Hello @syrvant, my 200th follower.
1:54 AM
Tuomo Tanskanen on Twitter
Nobody can blame #systemd folks for not dreaming or aiming high enough. http://0pointer.net/blog/revisiting-how-we-put-together-linux-systems.html #btrfs #linux
1:52 AM
SteP on Twitter
Asus ZenFone T45 - in arrivo un economico smartphone con supporto LTE http://ift.tt/1nRkSmu
1:42 AM
Cory Doctorow on Twitter
Photo: My page in the @giddyup coffee loyalty book http://tmblr.co/ZUhJRs1PqFGGb
1:41 AM
Henry Tudor on Twitter
Needing new arch rivals. Has the transfer window closed?
1:40 AM
SteP on Twitter
Alcatel OneTouch Flash - annunciato un rivale per il Galaxy Note 3 Neo http://ift.tt/W4TFFJ
1:27 AM
GoodNewsfromFinland on Twitter
Finnish cult film @ironskyfilm expands into #scifi saga! http://ow.ly/AYdcR #Films http://t.co/qS7qFXiW71
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SteP on Twitter
Google fornirà i dettagli sul progetto Android One il 15 settembre http://ift.tt/1x4w0Gm
1:12 AM
Jamie Bennett on Twitter
Trusted UI and TEE protection for Bitcoin transactions. Novel and important use of extra security on mobile devices. http://youtu.be/DV0tZyRnMOI
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